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Bartlett Shores

A New Beginning: Transforming Floodwaters and Devastation into Bartlett Shores RV Park

The Wilds resort clubhouse during the flooding of the Missouri River in 2019

Once known as "The Wilds Resort," Bartlett Shores was a lively destination boasting a golf course, active clubhouse, and RV community. However, in 2019, the Missouri River flooded, wreaking havoc and causing extensive damage to the resort, leaving the land and buildings unrecognizable. While private lot owners on the riverfront returned to rebuild their beloved sites, the rest of the park was abandoned and left to return to the wild.

Our team has been hard at work clearing the debris and revitalizing the resort. We have taken a phased approach to replace the damaged water hydrants with frost-free hydrants and add new electricity pedestals. The cement pad renovations on Shore Drive are almost complete, and we plan to continue the renovations on River Road next spring. In improving the gravel sites, we hope to make Bartlett Shores an even more welcoming destination.

July of this year marked the completion of the well-house renovation, and we were able to turn the water back on in the park. In August, we tested the water connection to the Levee side and were able to successfully resume service to the guests there. Since the flooding, guests and property owners on River Road had to bring in water by truck and store it in food-safe cubes for potable use.

Our team has been renovating the clubhouse and plans to open it early next spring. The interior work continues throughout the winter, and once opened, the clubhouse will house the campground office, restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities. Additionally, we are working with an internet service provider to offer internet packages to our guests.

Despite the adversity faced, Bartlett Shores is making a comeback, and our team is committed to providing the best possible experience for our guests and property owners.

Bartlett and the surrounding area during the 2019 Missouri River flood.